Saturday, September 8, 2007

When your laptop is in the shop

It is harder to do anything with a blog, like post a new entry or anything like that.

Much has been happening, of course, with kids how could it not be?

We are mulling over a request for contact from Birth Mom, for instance. She sent the message not through the regular channels of social services but through the kids' older brother.

How is that for something to think about?

When I am not using my husband's laptop to try and hurriedly check in, I will expand more on that.

Other huge(ish) happenings - we are preparing to demolish and then build another garage in our backyard, my husband is deeply happy with a new possession (pictures in the next post - I think) and I am taking more pictures and will post more to my private picture blog soon and ummmm.....
well more stuff later.

Hoping to fit a run in and then at some point, catch up on other people's blogs and even (gasp!) upgrade my blogroll - so if you aren't there and should be, please drop me a line.

Oh, how miss my macbook, this is my 3rd day without and all it needs is a new and bigger hard drive.


ipm said...

my hub plopped a new hard drive in mine, and WOW!!! made a huge difference... we just don't realize how plugged in we are until we get unplugged...

hope all is sorted very very soon! looking forward to pics too!! :)))

Yondalla said...

I read the blogs of some folks who have done private open adoptions and they sound so... well, what it should be.

For those of us who parent children who were removed against their parents' desires, whose parents in some way deeply failed their children, the questions are always so complicated.

It would bother me too that the request wasn't coming through the social worker. I would like to know that the social worker, or some other disinterested adult, had vetted the request. I would want to know something about how mom was doing and what she expected from the visit.

I would want, so much, for the experience to be what it was with me and Evan's mom. I would want to hope it could be like it is for Dawn, Maddison and Jessica.

And I would be afraid that it would be so much worse. my case, I don't think I would do it without a social worker or other outside person getting involved.

Glad you're back on line. Missed ya.

FosterAbba said...

It would definitely bother me, too, that the request didn't come through proper channels.

I'd run it by the social worker, but I am inclined to tell you to go with your gut on this one.

Susan said...

Since we are dealing with whacked out birth family on one side, I would strongly sending a message back inviting her to go through the worker. At the very least, the worker will have had a conversation with her and possibly be able to assess her situation. I would love to be on your blog roll!

Granny said...

I think you've already answered your own question and I'm glad to see others with more experience than I agreeing.

Hope you have your laptop back soon. I just got back on line last Thursday and have been trying to catch up with friends.

Jo said...

I was wondering where you went.
On the question, follow your gut. I can tell you feel uncomfortable and probably for a good reason. Honor yourself and your intution about your kids.

Andie D. said...

As an adoptee (I'm pretty much always going to say that, BTW ;)), I'd say your kids should be able to see their birthmother.

That said, you are in a pretty unique situation. I would go through the social worker or agency. Maybe the visits should be supervised. You are the one who will know what's best for your kids.