Monday, December 3, 2007

Adoption and teenagers makes me buff

Today was Way In day for the W8 watchers and I dropped 2 more lbs and they took away one of my daily points! What is up with that?

Weird thing is that I know have dropped that much talked about ten pounds. You know the ones, everyone - at least almost every grown female of my aquaintance, talks about how they would like to just lose that ten pounds.
And I have done that.

It is just that....well...I don't really see a difference in my body.
Yes, my pants are all loose and saggy in the butt and I am NOT complaining but I am confused.
When I stand in front of the mirror, starkers/minus covering/jaybird, if you take my meaning - I look the same.

The same.

Now is that because with my body image, I can only see myself one way?

Except that when I put on the little black dress for the cocktail party, a couple of weeks ago, I could see that I looked HOT in it - (relatively speaking).

A side effect of all this staring at myself in the mirror when I am nekkid and trying to take some self portraits to teach myself not to cringe and look that I think I am getting ready to post to The Shape of a Mother.

The site just blows me away because it makes me remember how stunned I was by the changes that pregnancy and birth wrought on my own body. There was no preparation or training or family or friend wisdom to prepare me for that, the way a woman's body looks after.

In writing this, it has occurred to me that I never anticipated the changes that have happened to my body since becoming a mother through adoption.

I am stronger and more physically fit now than ever before in motherhood.

Working out and tracking my diet offer me a sense of control that I so often don't have in parenting.


ipm said...

what an interesting concept.. hmmm...

a book idea perhaps? or if nothing else an incredible title!

(can you tell what is still on my mind? ha ha ha...)

Christine said...

Good for you. I rely on my kids to keep me in shape, but I've heard great things about Weight Watchers.