Friday, August 17, 2007

Just Called Granny

A few minutes ago I got off of the phone with Granny.

Ann to me, because that is how I got to know her by through comments on a parenting site that we both frequented two years ago and by the time I got to her blog, that is how I thought of her.

She has been a voice of support to me and many others on this here internets, one that I have appreciated time and again, and a person I have counted and will continue to count as being one of my friends.

Some tough stuff is going in her life and family and she needs to know that she is not alone and that those of us who get how tough things sometimes are, understand where she is right now.

Ann, it was lovely to talk to you -
American accent and all :),
hope you could understand my funny Canajun voice...

thinking of you and your girls and all of your family and will be keeping in touch...
take care and just remember to breathe in and then breathe out....


1 comment:

Granny said...

It was lovely to talk to you too. Sorry if I don't know when to hang up.

You don't sound especially Canadian, at least not to me but I grew up near the Canadian border so maybe I'm used to hearing it.