Thursday, August 2, 2007

Not Complaining

It is getting hot here again, I'm tired, my left eyelid is twitchy, one and a half kids are sick, my husband thinks that by working all day then leaving on a business trip and coming home after midnight the next day and going to work the next morning is only going away for one day -

I'm not complaining.


Right now things are pretty good.
My four beautiful children are just that, beautiful children, so beautiful in so many ways that I would be willing to and am hoping to "have" more in a few (three or four) years.


Got lucky this time and don't have a clue what we could be in for?

It ain't necessarily easy but it is right?
Yeah, I think that is it.

Just thinking about it, it may never happen -
but it could be pretty nice (some of the time and crazy making a lot of the other time).

The funny thing is, I know people who are better parents than I am. Who do and would do a better job than I do.

It is very doubtful that I would be the one picked to be the embodiment of motherhood...
but what the hell.

Hey, I'm having a craving for potato chips with rich goat milk mozzarella melted on them.

Not that I have ever actually had that before....

Mmmm, salt....grease...

hormones anyone?


Jo said...

Hmmm, which half of the child is ill? The top half or the bottom half. Depending on the kid, I am not quite sure which half I would choose.

Granny said...

Or is one trying to be sick but not quite there yet?

ipodmomma said...

you are cute, you know? :))))

Yondalla said...

Hi. I'm home. I caught up on reading and I wanted to congratulate you, then hug you.

You are an amazing woman.

And I get it about the kids.


Nicki Mann said...

The potato chips/ goat cheese actually sounds sorta good to me right now!

Lionmom said...

I understand about the kids, too. At least you are smarter than we are and intend to wait a few years to add on.