Saturday, July 28, 2007

My cameras and some pictures too

In my hot (literally, it is above 31C here or 87.8F for those of you in the US) little hands is my newest camera - a Canon Rebel EOS XTI.

It was bought for me by my husband, mostly because I kept getting frustrated that my Canon Powershot S2 was unable to take the pictures of the quality I wanted, in low light and that the shutter speed was just too slow for many of the shots I was trying to take.

Don't get me wrong. I loved and still love that S2 and recommend it highly as a fabulous higher end camera for most people who would like something more than a point and shoot. And it takes up to ten minutes of DVD quality video! It still rides along with me in my purse, just in case.

The Rebel is fast, no more kids walking out of a shot before the shutter snaps and with the right lens it takes very good pictures in low light without the harsh glare of a flash.

That is important to me because I like taking pictures of people and usually you can get the best shots when they don't know that they are being photographed.

Some samples from my S2:

Rainbow with clouds.

Rain spotted rocks.

Wild rose.

All recently taken, this July with the Powershot S2.

Now for the Rebel:

Inquisitive deer in campground.

Much too early in the morning but pretty.

Gorgeous dog at the park.

In some ways it is hard to see the difference between the cameras, especially in these kinds of shots but in the ones that I can't post - of peoples' faces, I can see the difference.

Oooooh. I also have this lens.
Brand new as of a day ago.
Love it.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming of me angsting over, well just about everything and making tomato, basil and bocconcino cheese salad with my youngest son.
With pictures, natch.


hw said...

I'm loving your new camera. You only have that one moment to capture kids faces and this camera can do it. Lovely. Not that I'm going to see the photos. But, I'm just imagining.

Granny said...

Very nice. I'd probably still manage to cut someone's head off with it though.

The pictures are lovely.

Kikilia said...

Lovely pics... Thanks for sharing. I love your new camera too.

cloudscome said...

LOVE the new camera! Will you post more pictures? Pretty please?

Jo said...

Those pictures are oh soooo lovely. Maybe I need a new digital camera???