Monday, July 23, 2007

One Week Legal

I have a new camera.

It is very hot here, hotter than it has been in my imperfect memory.
We are thinking about buying something like this today. They are called evaporative coolers are swamp coolers and should work fairly well in our changing climate because it is very dry here and extra moisture is always welcome.

A week without my oldest daughter has been at least five days longer than I thought it would be. While she has been gone, her dog has attached herself to me. Now I have some concern that the dog might not swing her affections quickly enough back over to Bunny. As insurance, I have bought a small, foil bag of doggie num nums for Bunny to feed her dog and we are taking the dog to the airport to meet the flight with us.
The rest of the kids have been out of sorts about her being away. The youngest ones in particular. Buddy said something the other day that really sums that up - “IF Bunny comes back she’ll......”.
IF she comes back? Kid, the plan is for her to come back, she is just visiting Nan, not moving out! But for them, brothers and sisters have come and gone, they have not been permanent fixtures. How hard is that?

A week has also passed since we have found out that we are legal and it has been an interesting one.
Monkey and Buddy have both had slight behavioural side effects, some of which I blogged about - Monkey dancing outside my bathroom and singing etc. Often she ends up saying “I’m adopted! You can’t send me back! You are stuck with me!”.
This is no where near as annoying as it might sound and has a lot to do with a story I have told all my kids about my beloved husband.
Shortly after we were married, actually during our honeymoon - which was the two of us in a borrowed truck and camper unit - my new husband climbed into the driver seat of the truck with a grimy, “found” ball cap on his head (advertising agricultural equipment), started driving and once on the highway, lifted his butt up off the seat and filled the compartment with a boisterous letting of gas, then he burped, loudly and finally he grinned at me, shrinking my body against my door and said, “Yup, yyou married me and now you’re stuck with me!”.
The kids find this, HILARIOUS.
Yesterday, Buddy was grumpy about waking up and that makes him less than pleasant to deal with during breakfast. Very quickly we were in a situation where he was telling me to f off, after I called him an ass - he thought I was calling him an a hole, I wasn’t I was referring to ass as in donkey - although name calling is wrong and I shouldn’t have started it. Then there was the period where I grabbed him by his shoulders and I am not proud of that but oddly enough it was all over and resolved in less than five minutes. Even the part where we manage to talk out how we ended up off of the rails and apologies were made.

What else?

There was raspberry picking for 2 1/2 hours yesterday, just youngest kids and parents.

Sunny was happy to stay home with his brand new Wii. Except that it is broken and we are now having to wait for a replacement one from Nintendo.
Quite the success story to have gotten one anyway though.
No not because they are hard to find, but because in order to get one, my socially challenged son had to call the stores in town that get them in occasionally, every morning for a week to find one available. That is a big deal.

I am knitting and taking pictures. One of the things I’m trying out is self portraits, I want to see if by taking lots of pictures of myself I will become more comfortable with what I look like.
And thinking.
Lots and lots of thinking. Seems this year is a big year for that for me. There is so much that I want to put to rest. Things that I agonize about otherwise, mostly about being a daughter and a sister and functioning in my social communities.

Cabana Boy and I are looking at our retirement plans, sort of. More where do we want to go from here, how do we wan to get there?
I know I would like more kids.
Not now of course but some day.
There are other things I would like to do too, I’m just trying to weed out the wheat from the chaff.


Granny said...

That story about the truck is hilarious and I'm not surprised the kids loved it.

There's something about potty humor that gets them every time.

ipodmomma said...

Peter and I often joke of how we are stuck with each other. glad the kids find that enjoyable... :)))

Spencer lucked out because I rang the bass guitar guy and it looks like that will be the one. he didn't have to email the other one...

Teddy saw some pups like yours on Saturday... she was in love!!!

looking forward to more pics!