Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Can See Clearly Now

Have felt much like my head is stuffed up my own butt for the last long while.
Haven't posted because of it.
The house is horrible, one of our dogs is ill with something that causes her to pee lakes all over the house at all times of day. (We are waiting for tests to come back from the vet about it, but the waiting and the messes are hard to deal with and so is worry about the wee beasty in question.)

Don't even get me started about the dachshund who ate a full big bag of jelly beans and a whole hard boiled egg, shell and all when my back was turned. Sigh.

Or the fluish thing that 2 1/2 kids have seemed to have. (Let's just say that my youngest child's penchant for mimicry can be very confusing when trying to figure out if she is really sick or simply copying the behavior of others for attention.)

Easter and AL's 8th birthday jumped out at me at the last minute but they are now both done.

I have gotta change my two youngest kids nicknames on this blog I can't even keep them straight in my own head - should ask them what they want to be called here.

Did talk to them about it and they are okay with blog, totally. Of course they may not remember it exists.

I have no idea right now if some of what is going on with my youngest is honest to gawd developmental delays or if it is just behavioural. Should read up on it in my adoption books but there is NO FREAKING TIME!

-each bedtime something that should be done isn't. Last night it was her new and expensive electronic gameboy thingy being stuffed under her bed on the floor instead of being put away in the drawer.
-today while waiting in the front yard for me to come out and take them to the park, she managed to throw and strand our frisbee ring toy twenty feet up in a tree. Yeah, yeah, big deal right? Except that the rule is really clear about that toy, it only gets thrown at the park. I'm annoyed and she bats her big blues at me and says but I WASN'T throwing it, I was rolling it on the ground and it accidently went up in the tree!"
-at night if I think she is upset or worried about something (but don't know what it is) she will assure me over and over again that she is fine and then wait for an hour or so until my light goes off and I am almost asleep to come and tell me that she can't sleep because of something that is bothering her.

Little stuff like that happens with her all the frigging time.
Yeah she is only a little kid.
Yeah she has been through stuff and it is normal to test me (over and over and over)...
and Yeah, I'm allowed to get worn down from time to time.

Today wasn't even a particularly bad day at all, I am just worn down.

Tonight though...tonight my husband is taking me OUT to dinner at a nice restaurant and then I have to go to a meeting but even that will be okay because damn it I will be out of the house and with adults.

This is a very good thing.
Except that as I was writing this it turns out that I have to go to Helnback outside of town to pick him up and I think this doesn't bode well for my dinner plans.

So - no nothing seriously wrong, even a little bit, just feeling tired and worn.


Yondalla said...

I may officially have to stop whining about only having two kids in the house right now!

Would this be a bad time to tell you that it looks like our puppy is almost house trained?

Okay, I'm heartless. Glad to hear from you though.

BTW: the main reason that I gave blog nick names in alphabetical order is because it makes it easier to run through the names in my head and remember who's who.

Take care.

FosterAbba said...

I so hear what you are saying. I wrote about it on my blog this morning.

Amanda said...

Sorry things are so crappy for you right now. Were you able to go to dinner with Hubby?