Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Talking Points

Or not.

-We think the main source of dog pee IN the house is the Malamutt. This after sending one dog in for wildly expensive geriatric panel and then the 2nd dog. There was nothing that would indicate problems but the idea that the Malamutt may have reacted badly to some pesticide spray that we put on him to try and combat his terrible case of sucking dog lice is one that we are running with now.
So we bathed him last night to get any residue off of him and are watching and waiting and very likely mopping.

-My youngest daughter seems to be coming around again, as in her head is not spinning wildly and she is not spewing vileness with quite the same regularity that she was a few days ago. I am liking her more again and that gives the whole world a new and shiny look. Not liking a child (loving them mind you but not liking them) is HARD.

-Don't want to and almost can't bear to think about the latest school shooting tragedy. My youngest son was waiting for me near the grocery checkout yesterday and turned from a newspaper stand with his face white and stricken. "I just saw something awful!" So I had to talk to him about it for a bit. It makes me want to cry. The very worse part is that I don't think this will be the last one or the worst one. I have always wanted to go to Virginia, for the very silly reason that I love a certain kind of crockery and it is made in that state. It is hard to reconcile the two things.

-Got a book out of the library about crafting, not going to put the title up here because I thought it was laughably awful but would feel bad if one of the authors or someone who just LOVES the book happened by after googling the name and found out that I had nearly nothing lauditory to say other than made me giggle from the sheer horribleness of it.
Let us just say that I do not see me making legwarmers (from a sweater) for any of my dogs anytime soon. Or for that matter, I can't imagine making any of them a cape from an old nylon yarn placemat with a plastic pig head and dominoes stuck to it.
Okay, maybe I can, but there would be copious amounts of drugs involved too.

-My youngest son is in a hurry to grow up in some ways. I need to talk to him about being allowed to take his time. He wants to watch movies and listen to music that I generally think of as being more suited to older kids. I just want him to have some childhood because it is so fleeting.
He is currently quite enamoured of the idea of becoming a chef. He and I watched an old Jamie Oliver show that I have on tape, about school dinners in England. He was entranced. Must admit that he is quite the foodie, his only qualms about food coming from the fish variety. He doesn't like it but is always game to try it and find out if that has changed.

-My time is being taken up by training for a 50k race at the end of May. Well that and trying to figure out my four children and what they need and where they need to be etc. etc.
Youngests are in swimming lessons for the first time ever. It is like they are in heaven. Their eyes are wide with the wonder of it all.

-My thirteen year old daughter seems to be doing well enough, although it always concerns me when they seem to recede ever further into the depths of the house and not want to go out much. I know that was a phase, a long one for her older brother, but still and all I find it hard.

-We are talking summer day camps around here. Trying to convince older reluctant ones to consider it because they don't actually want to leave the house and trying to convince younger ones that it isn't all some kind of incredibly elaborate plan to actually abandon them and never come back for them. I think the engineering based camps offered by a local educational place will be the best fit for all of them.

-Have not yet taken the last step to make the adoption final. I am ready to, have everything ready to do but need my social worker to get back to me about the address of her new office. So until I have that, I cannot mail the last piece in.

-Older brother of our two youngests is still in the juvenile pokey, he is bored and unhappy and every visit we have with him (once a weekend for 40 minutes) means he must endure a strip search after it. But he still phones and begs us to come. Desperately hoping that this will help him refocus on his life and move forward in a positive way. Desperately trying not to get too attached to the idea either. Did mention on the phone to me yesterday, that he would not mind staying in custody for a little while longer because it means that he is focusing on his school work!!!!!

Must run.


Yondalla said...

Did you mean five kilometers? I think in feet and miles, but isn't fifty kilometers like a really long way?

And thanks for the laugh about the dogs. I'm still chuckling.

Our new Shih Tzu is coming in covered in mud -- do you have any directions for making all over rain/mud suits that still allow the dog to poop and pee?

Granny said...

I do know exactly what you mean about loving them but not liking them very much.

Fortunately, that feeling is usually temporary.

I spent some time talking to my girls about Virginia Tech too. I tell them it's a rare occurrence and that they will be safe.

I'm not sure I believe my own words.

ipodmomma said...

ta love... will catch up ASAP... :)))

Amanda said...

I'm with Yondalla--50 kilometers? Is it even possible to travel that far if an engine or motor isn't present?