Friday, April 20, 2007


Today I took the four kids to a mini film festival.

My eight year old, sat through two feature length movies, Mongolian Ping Pong in the morning that was two hours long and in chinese and Heda Hoda in the afternoon that was also two hours long and in hindi!

Now all the other kids got through them too, but I was quite startled that my youngest daughter could and did! She also followed along with the stories (there was a fair amount of hoarsley whispered subtitle reading by me) just fine.

This is the child who in August of 2006 informed me, after I paid for the tickets and we were inside the movie theatre that she had real trouble sitting still long enough for a movie!

Of the two, we liked Heda Hoda the best. It was quite vivacious and funny.
Mongolian Ping Pong was lovely but very low key and slow moving.

Family life seems to be settling a bit again.
The last birthday is over for a while, I don't count my husband's in June because I don't think it will bring up a lot of emotions and unresolved memories but I could be wrong - still I am grateful the being seeing the last of the kid birthdays until November.

Our biggest dog seems to now be incapable of maintaining his house training.
Although his tests have come back clear I am wondering if he is having physical trouble holding his bladder.
It is annoying and worrying and sad and expensive.

Just got off the phone with Mysterio (the 14yr old bio sib of my youngests).
He is currently in a mental health facility being assessed before his next court date.

It has more liberal visiting hours than the Juvenile lockup does, so we might see him a bit more right now, which I think would be a good thing for him.

Need to go and make dinner.

How is this for scraping by:

Perogies for three of the kids and instant mashed potatoes with grated soy cheese for the fourth.
If I am really feeling amazing, I think I will also chop up and microwave the packet of weinies in the fridge to really glitz it up!


Jane said...

I'm glad you and your family are staying in Mysterio's life. Even if he's a little toughie and won't admit it, I'll bet he's glad you're there for him.

Granny said...

Creative cookery at its very best.

Glad things are going a little better for you and the family.

ipodmomma said...

sounds like a good outing for all...

my boy's b-day is in June, then we are done till September.. it is nice to get a break...

this is another Ping Pong, a Japanese film from 2002... I recommend it for the older ones...

abebech said...

Subtitled movies at 8? Movies at 8?! I cannot wait til mine can sit through a movie!