Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I would make it easier if I could.

I am galloping to try and keep up and feel like I am running in one place.

Birth Grandma called almost a week and a half ago to say that she wanted to come up for Easter/AL 8th birthday and called today to say she wasn't coming.

Heartbroken little girl.
Upset rest of family.

"All I really wanted for my birthday was to have my family here." She manages to choke out between sobs.

God Damn.


Granny said...

Yes, I know you would. So would I.

L. said...

Are you okay, Gawdess? I get worried when you don`t post -- and feel guilty for not commenting more often when you do!

Hope you`re hanging in there....

Yankee T said...

I hate it for her.