Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gratuitious Snake Picture and Other Things

A few weeks ago we made a trip out of town to see the garter snakes emerging from their winter den.

The kids were enthralled as the snakes seemed quite willing to be picked up and handled gently.

This is quite a sight, there are dense, wriggling masses of them all over and you have to be extremely careful where you step because there are so many of them slithering about on the ground.

They don't creep me out, that much. Although I would much rather be photographing them then picking them up, I do have a serious sense of the heebie jeebies when it comes to possibly stepping on one or more.

My husband and children were amazing yesterday, all five of them volunteering for a trail run that I participated in. So proud of them all and they are in turn so proud of me for being "a strong athlete!".

We have had a brief call from Obie, he is back in care, or was as of Friday and we may see him today or tomorrow.
Wrapping my heart in kevlar before seeing him, may help.
It is the addiction and the problems behind that addiction, nothing we do will change that, he will need to change himself.


Buddy, has been drivng me crazy for months with growing his hair long, the other day he mentioned again that he really wanted it cut.
As in, with an electric razor, which we just happen to own.
It looks great and a lot of hair hit the floor.
But it was nothing in comparison to his younger sister.

Yes, she is sporting a buzz cut too.
I made her think about it for a while first but she was quite firm about it. It has been two days and they both look absolutley adorable!

I will try and post a picture of their heads sometime soon, after all, that would be a form of penance for the snake picture - I know that some people find that very creepy.


Granny said...

No problem with the snakes. My sons' dad had a small pet boa when we first met. He was managing a small hotel and found it in one of the vacated rooms.

Love me, love my snake? I tried.

One of the nicest things about hair. If they end up hating it, it will grow. I'm a big fan of short hair myself.

I'm glad Obie is safe - at least for now.

ipodmomma said...

oh yes, snakes are very icky in my head. but shaved heads are just fine!

glad you heard from Obie. if I could find my Kevlar, I'd send you some... :))) it's somewhere with the missing LP's and Merc service records.... oy!

how was the race???

Bacchus said...

I'm glad to hear about Obie. We go through that with Baby R's Mom.

I love snakes, even as a kid I would spend hours hunting for them. Unfortunately I grew up with a Mom so terrified of them she can't even watch cartoon ones. I would have loved to have seen the little ones emerging.