Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What is wrong with you this morning?!

Asked my older daughter at the breakfast table.
Her eyes wide with that horrified consternation that only teenagers can really pull off.

Granted I had been breaking into song, using a truly terrible french accent at other times and been burbly, bouncy and generally unrestrained.

She caught me off guard and I quieted, sitting still for a moment as I tried to figure out what she meant.

Her face changed the same moment as I put it together -
"got enough sleep for the last two nights!!!" we finished together.

Life is still busy and hectic and stressful but
damn it looks better after some serious sleep.

Looking for more, the sleep debt is pretty big but my stores of hope and optimism are higher than they have been in a while.

We are talking to Obie (older brother still in care) about possibly, one day, a long time from now, after treatmant and anger management etc. being a permanent member of our family.

This will likely be a loooooong road.
He was supposed to meet us at a playground lastnight for a visit with his younger brother and sister and a talk with us and instead he got mad earlier in the day, threw some stuff around, ran off from his one on one worker, met up with a friend of his and ended up playing with bb guns, police were called and I am not yet sure whether this is going to land his butt back in jail!

Maybe not, we need to find out more.

And no, this has not put us off of possibly making him our son.

He is a really messed up kid and I have no intention of trying to take him on by ourselves anytime soon.


Granny said...

I'm really pleased just thinking about you sitting and singing!!

ipodmomma said...

so glad you got some sleep!!! really makes all the difference, or at least most of the difference...

you are where you should be with Obie; long term hopes but short term realism. at 14, he's right on the edge where the decisions he makes RIGHT NOW affect everything; very little room for wiggle. I will keep you all in my thoguhts. basically it's up to him and he just may not be able to relinquish the fear/anger etc. that causes him to act out when good things lay on the horizon.