Sunday, May 6, 2007

Water, water everywhere

What is concrete and expensive and wet all over?
Our basement.

Add an extra ten or twenty thousand dollars to the previously estimated total cost of fifty thousand dollars.

Marvel at how calmly I bandy those sums around.

Note how weeping tile is named for the sobbing sound the people paying for it are making.


It is 10:25 pm, do you know where your two youngest children are?

Why yes, actually.
Despite having been tucked firmly into bed over an hour ago, they are actual taking turns in visiting the bathroom instead of sleeping.
To the best of my knowledge there is no actual physical reason that they are doing this, perhaps they like the flush sound that the toilet makes, or the soothing trickle of the tap water as it glugs down the drain.

Or, could it be that they do not feel that they are well and truly ready for dreamland until I shriek threats at them?


Has anyone else's 8 year old ever asked if they could go and play with their brothers at the playground in the middle of a soccer game that they are playing in?
Then sulked when told they couldn't?


Our eleven year old is the very proud posesser of a hot off the presses Babysitting course certificate. He passed the final exam with only one error.

Congratulations sweetie, I really had no doubts that you could do it.

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Yondalla said...

Somehow as numbers get bigger they start sounding the same. $300 and $500 seem much further apart than $30,000 and $50,000. I guess the later two just fall into the category of, "sums I will probably not live to pay off."

And the 8 year old and the soccer playing thing? That sounds to me like very typical 4 year old behavior. Perhaps right on target for your little girl?

I have nothing but sympathy.