Thursday, January 10, 2008

Darling Boy

I am full of contradictions about him.

I wish I could have held him from his first moment, yet how he came to be my son is an important story and journey wouldn't want to change.

He is mine.

And now he is twelve years old.
A year and a half and the second birthday since I met him.

"Next year, I will be a teenager Mom!" Grinning slyly, dancing around me.

"No you won't! Not if I refuse to accept that, now shut up and don't talk about it anymore! You are my little boy!" Turning my back to him, or leaving the room.

He wants to be a cook, to move to another province, another country, to travel to learn - all when he "grows up".

But, "I will come back Mom, I will only go away for a little while at at time."

He'd better.

Because I can already see, in the set of his twelve year old shoulders and that strong chin that he is going to keep growing up.
No matter that I haven't had him as my child for anywhere near long enough.

I am so proud of him.

Happy Birthday my bright eyed boy.
Oh how I love you.
Don't grow too fast, okay? We have time to make up.


ipm said...

a happy HAPPY birthday to your boy.... they do grow up so FAST!

Bacchus said...

Happy Birthday Guy! Don't grow up too fast, give your Mom time to catch onto the idea. What soulful handsome eyes.

Leanne said...

What beautiful eyes. Happy belated 12th! That is such a magic age. And yes, they just grow too fast. Don't we all. I'm glad he's with you now.

Cloudscome said...

Happy Birthday to your big eyed boy! It's going to be a great year.