Sunday, January 6, 2008

pinging someone else's bandwidth

Is it wrong to catch a free ride on someone else's wireless internet connection?

Okay, so I am doing that right now, if I wasn't I couldn't post at all - ours is down, for whatever reason, and until and if the repair person shows up tomorrow - we are without.

Except um, there are unprotected networks all around me...
and I am thinking about it as I opportunistically blog away.

And since I am asking ponderables, does it count calorie wise, if you chew a food, say milk chocolate covered almonds and then spit it out?
Not that I have done it or am even really and truly considering it - just wondering, you know, if anyone has ever had a research grant for this kind of thing?

Another thing, where is my self control at anyway? I have been looking around for it and it just isn't here, not in the kitchen, not between the couch cushions....very annoying - especially as I really could have a used it last night when I snorfed down an entire (170g) bag of gummi candy.
If you are keeping count that is 10 points over my actual allowed amount of W8 watcher points!
Tomorrow is my weigh in day. Urgh. Will those gummies come back to haunt me?

Ooooh. And guess what I am listening to?
Go ahead, guess.
Okay, Cyndi Lauper sing Torch Songs from her album At Last.
Oddly compelling, she can sing and with an accent.
Sometimes I find some of her interpretations of these standards kind of annoying, but I am in just the right mood for it today and have had it on extreme replay.

What have you been listening to lately?


Yondalla said...

I did WW. One of my favorite things was that when I really wanted something I had it and felt no guilt. I ususally had saved up points, but even if I didn't, I just wrote it down and moved on.

Well, on my good weeks. There were of course weeks where I binged and didn't write anything down.

I did loose 55 pounds, almost 10 years ago, and have stayed within 10 pounds of it.

ipm said...

we've gotten a free ride when we are visiting my folks... so hard to say no! :)))

good wishes on the weigh-in!

as for music... varied artists that go along with my writing. more George Winston than usual, and some Seal, and other 90's tunes...

Bacchus said...

Ok if I had been able to access an open wifi I would have. Alas it is so hard to find those open sources here.

I love Cyndi Lauper. I've seen her perform twice and they were great. I'm going to download this album!

happyadoptingmom said...

If they did not want to share they would password protect it right???