Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Oh Woe Isn't me.

No laptop of my own since the black screen of death.
Waiting to hear back from the apple store to hear what the diagnosis is.

No place to download my pictures to. Especially since I have been playing with my new flash!

Consoling myself with vietnamese food and good company.
And warm puppies and the insane game my oldest daughter gave me for use on the Wii and the the Dance Dance Revolution Game that Santa brought.

It has been odd with my two oldest children literally living away from home for the last week as they dog/house sit. I miss them and find to my slight surprise that they are managing just fine - thank you very much.

I didn't mean to blink and miss it when they became capable and nearly utterly independent.

Things are going fairly well on the not yelling front, of course we do have a house guest kind of limits me in an artificial way.
Hopefully it will continue on anyway after his departure.

Ran a bit today and signed up to try and run the 50k again in May.
Up to 17lbs on the weight loss scene.

I still don't think I look different but one of my running friends mentioned to me this morning that my running tights, um, aren't tight.

Being me, I now worry that I will continue to whittle away, my legs and butt becoming thinner and thinner and my large shoulders, chest and mid section staying the same and I will become the frightening wedge shaped woman.

Okay, I have better things to do than imagine this kind of thing.
Happiest of New Year tidings to you all!

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