Sunday, January 20, 2008


I would give my eye teeth (whatever they are, I will look it up sometime) for respite care.

Or some other not completely essential part of my anatomy could be put to the cause.

But I won't send my kids out for it.
I can't.
I have nothing against families and providers who offer respite in their homes, it is just not the right fit for my kids and my family.

So that leaves us with in house care and I just don't have that.

Or rather I do, My friend N. is experienced and capable and likes the kids and knows them and they know her and are comfortable with her - but she is not available and probably won't be for a while because of family issues.

For now we will just have to hold steady I guess and try and forge ahead.

We even have funding for it, that it isn't a problem, which is nice of course - it is just trying to figure out where to find someone who meets all the above criteria.

It would be great if that happened sometime soon - before I get stretched too thin.


FosterAbba said...

I understand the respite issue all too well, because here there is none available.

The worst, of course, is when you have a kid that's behaving badly and you need a break, but you aren't really sure you should take your friend up on the idea of a sleepover, because you need the break, but are worried it rewards the kid for being a monster.

It's hard...

ipm said...

hang in there! sending you love and prayers...

Cloudscome said...

I feel pretty much the same way. Except that the financing would be a problem... I think I could figure it out though. I really need to push myself to find at least a good babysitter. I want to join a book club at church but it meets on Tuesday nights. I would have to find a good babysitter that the kids would like and behave well for... it's an investment. Maybe that should be my birthday present for myself this year.

Ampersand said...

bless you. I'm reading your posts and realizing more of who you are. I'm really glad to know you.

but that does not help you with your needs for respite and respite care does it?

I hope it happens.