Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Here's one that takes the cake, or to be more topically correct, the loaf:

Today at lunch -in front or our sleep over guest - my youngest daughter Monkey, wrinkled her nose at the small chunk of chocolate banana bread on her plate and asked if she could give it to someone else because -
she doesn't like banana bread.

o what?
I can hear you thinking that to yourselves, I really can.

This is the same banana bread that she insisted had to be baked for Dad, the evening before his birthday.
The stinking hot evening.
So hot that I felt too sick to eat.
So hot that I asked her if we could do it another time because I didn't want to turn on the oven in the house and instead of answering me, she simply turned her huge, pain filled eyes on me and quivered her lower lip.

Which of course means that I did it.
Even though I was really unhappy and grumpy and I shouldn't have.

Anyway, she has never, ever indicated that she doesn't like the substance before.
And it has been a subject of discussion because neither of my older two kids like banana anything (except Bunny who inexplicably loves the fruit itself) and we found it interesting to find that the younger too did like the stuff.
A lot.
Or so I thought.

I don't know what expression was on my face, probably a cross between utterly flabbergasted and intense frustration - but she began to talk at top speed -
"I made the banana bread for Dad!!!!! He likes it!!!!"

I had to send her to her room, just until I got over the urge to freak right out.
Even though we had company.

I also had to check with her brothers and sisters to ensure that I wasn't hallucinating about the "she has said that she likes banana bread before right?".

After they vindicated me, I managed to go upstairs and talk to her.
(Calmly, Yondalla, aren't I great? And I diffused the situation too and I didn't yell for my own rush.)

This isn't the first time.
It won't be the last time.

I don't think it was a coincidence that our guest is a member of the family that was there in our car at Easter when Monkey decided to talk about how much she hates swimming and is afraid of going in the water.
I kind of wish that she had remembered that all the times that she made me crazy about wanting to go to the pool! Can't we go to the pool? You said that we could........

The weirdest things push my buttons these days.
I honestly never thought banana bread would be one of them.


Yondalla said...

You are amazing. And grats on turning down the "rush."

It's odd what they put us through. Sometimes I think it is just research... "Let's see. This will surely make mom crazy. If I do that and she doesn't throw me away then maybe I'm safe..."

And sometimes I just think they, or I, am crazy.

Who knows.

By the way, I really like bananas and really dislike banana bread. Do you think Monkey had had it before? It is the sort of thing that sounds much better than it tastes, IMHO.

Humpty Dumpty House said...

Wow! You aren't gone!

I was one of those silent readers of your other blog and offered the rare and occasional comment. Glad that you're still writing.

We've got two adopted kids now and our daughters seem to parallel somewhat. Funny. We also parallel with the water in the basement issues. Our basement is now gutted and waterproofed. We will at some time, when there is some money, re-refinish it. Today, I'm looking into having the siding fixed from where the yahoos who waterproofed the basement backed into the siding and tore it up with a bobcat.

ipodmomma said...

did I hear you say Chocolate banana bread???

ooh... yum yum!