Friday, June 22, 2007

Life IS Good

A small list of the good because otherwise it sometimes doesn't sound like I know that my life is good:

-my oldest taking his two youngest siblings to mall 5 blocks away, on foot, just cause they wanted to go and I didn't feel good.

-my older daughter making me laugh, a lot, much of the time....reading aloud to me from a book about knitting hat patterns: "Here's one!! This one looks like a pineapple! How nuts is that! (reading)* We dare you to not feel cheerful and happy while wearing this hat*" her response? a vehment "I accept that dare!"

-my younger son reaching out gently one of my calves (on my leg - this was right before a long, long race that I was going to run and I was really nervous) in his hand and saying. almost reverantly, "You have such beautiful STRONG legs Mom!". That kept me going. It really did.

-my youngest child, at eight she is better at and more conscientious and thoughtful about taking care of our pets than many adults. It is near amazing to see a kid like that deal with the may things that many pets bring, in such a matter of fact way. And she is so gentle with them.
Worried that the dogs might have gotten into chicken bones (!!!!), she monitered them all day.
Checking them for any symptoms that might mean any of them were having trouble.
All day. From breakfast to bedtime. She's only eight!

-they usually don't fight much with each other. They usually get along okay.

-they all are willing to forgive me for the mistakes I make and they love me and rally to me and I am humbled by them all the time.

-my husband is pretty good too. I said to the kids yesterday, after listening to a goofy pop song about love on the radio that one thing about their Dad is that he has never hurt me on purpose and that is a pretty good thing.

-4 dogs, a guinea pig, homeschooling, friends (online and not), health and enough abundance that we have food and good food and get to shop at Goodwill whenever we want and if we don't find what we need there we can shop at a retail store.

There is just so much and wallowing in the good really does help me when I am wallowing in the other stuff.

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Bacchus said...

Wow! What an abundance. Thank you for sharing this with us. Sometimes during the moments of struggle it is hard to remember how much we have.

I need to write a post like this.