Saturday, June 30, 2007

in the long run

4 loops of the back alleys around my subdivision
sunny and breezy
13k in 1hr 50 minutes of mostly running
I think I could have maintained a faster pace but I kept taking frequent walk breaks to ease out the ache in my left hip, hard surfaces just aren't all that good for me.

Running with a cotton surfaced athletic top/bra is dippy. Once it gets soaked it then chafes your underarm. Sort of like having a diaper rash and I treat it like one, smearing Penaten cream on it.

Mild shin splint on my right leg. A little tender to the touch.

Sometimes, I think about trying to diet myself to a faster me but not very often - instead I think I will just keep moving :).

One of my loose toe nails - I can bend it almost completely off but it is still firmly attached at the base, was wiggly enough that it kept sawing away at the toe next to it.

Carried and consumed a litre of gatorade, 1 pk of cliff shot bloks, 2 - 300ml bottles of water.

Mentally and spiritually it was very refreshing.
Which is the most important thing about WHY I do this.

I'm slow and being fast is what is considered being good a this, but it really doesn't matter because I like doing it anyway.

Also made it out to the little independent running store in town and bought new shoes!
It was a very good experience because all though the guy who helped me (the owner) was taciturn he was quite knowledgeable, took time with me and listened to me. I feel quite pleased with the shoes, a brand I had never heard of before, Etonic.

Also picked up a trial pack of electrolyte/ salt pills and toe socks!

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ipodmomma said...

as long as it makes you happy the 'how' is sort of irrelevant...

cool looking socks!