Sunday, June 3, 2007

Triggers - pull one and boom!

Birthdays are a trigger for my youngest boy.

Now I thought that his first birthday with us way back in January would be the big one.
After it was on one of his birthdays that his birth Mom left him and his little sister and never came back.

Looks like I was wrong.

My husband's birthday, that was/is today, was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse.
For some reason, as of this writing, still somewhat inexplicable to me, was really hard on Buddy.

We have had, he and I, one of our seriously loud, seriously emotional tempest/talk it out/forgive and hug squalls, just a few minutes ago.

So, I think it is okay now.


Yondalla said...

Triggers are weird aren't they.

I had accepted that I could not deal with going to a CPR class, but I thought I could handle a first aide class. When the morning came for the class and I was trembling and crying I was so angry with myself. No one was going to be in danger there; no one was going to drown. There was nothing to be upset about.

Yet still I was shaking.

Our psyche's are strange things.

ipodmomma said...

so funny what can be fine and what somehow isn't... glad you've hugged and all... and I hope CB's day was good otherwise...

will be between blogs for now, a few things I still need to do... thanks for being patient! :)))