Friday, June 29, 2007

These Shoes...

Buddy found the shoes he wanted.
We talked and he agreed that it would make sense for him to pay for these shoes, I also reassured that I would happily buy him new indoor running shoes for the gym in the fall.

He also got three pair of smooth socks without "toebites" - these occur when there is a seam or other irritant inside the sock, usually in the toe box area.

Happily all was on sale and he came out happy at having gotten a "deal".

At one point Monkey ostentatiously announced to the family at large that she was "very happy" with her old shoes and "loved them very much".
You know, underlining what a pain her brother was, with all his carrying on about shoes.

Gearing up for our camping trip that will be happening in about a week. The kids are all excited. This will be a marking of our one year anniversary together!


Obie called to cancel a visit because he had gotten drunk and "fell" and his face "was really messed up" and he didn't want the kids to see him "that way".

So he called them up before bedtime to tell them about it. Well he told Buddy, and he was supposed to call back and talk to Monkey a few minutes later (as she was indisposed) but never did.

Had I known he was going to tell Buddy, I would have intervened.
Here is hoping for a nightmare free night.

Fourteen years old, people, fourteen years old.

I'm not engaging.
I'm not getting involved.
I'm not reacting.
But my heart still gives a little shudder.

If you are the praying kind or could lend a thought to his well being....same story, second verse, same as the first.



Granny said...

I keep praying and hoping against hope that he can turn it around. At this point, no one can do it for him.

I think 14 and I shudder too.

Susan said...

I will keep praying too!