Saturday, November 3, 2007

When are you guys going to see the marriage counsellor?

My oldest son just asked me that.
The question that is the title of this post.

So, to review:

-my mother: she lives much closer to us now - only a twelve hour drive in a minivan stuffed with two adults, two surly teenagers, two seriously freaked out ptsd tweens and two dachshunds (and by the way a minivan is called mini because there is no space for crazy stuff like oh say, luggage - and wants us to visit and so we did in mid October and my back has in spasms ever since.

-church has been a source of stress- there are nice people and good things happening but I seem to keep tripping into the pools of serious, whacked out dysfunctionality and I think I am at the end of my rope, very nearly.
I lead a youth group and the theme this year is "What do you stand for?" and I know I'm in trouble because I keep asking myself that question and coming up kind of empty when it comes to me in the church.

-home has been one too (oldest doesn't want to talk about growing up because it overwhelms him, elder daughter is in the throes of intense and worrying angst over everything and doesn't like leaving the house at all, younger son can be sooooooooooo unfocused and is entering the just because I used to think it was cool doesn't mean I do anymore phase of life and then there is the youngest, melting and refreezing ice princess)

-homefront 2: (husband, workaholism and huge changes on his work front) and that has meant many tears and frustrations and misunderstanding on both sides but we are going to see a counsellor, obviously...and no...this will not (hopefully) become a marriage as slowmotion train wreck blog - although it would probably increase readership!

-and finally, people keep driving into me!
Geez Louise! First someone drives smack into the back of my van smashing our stryofoam bumper and gutting themself on our trailer hitch, that was a month ago and then today some seriously stupid weeeeeeenie changes lanes into the back side of the van and then drives away!

Pass the muscle relaxant, please!

BTW 3 down.



Yondalla said...

Just saying hello...

Perhaps a hot bath for your back?

hw said...

Oh man, the never ending stress of being a parent, a wife and a person, too.

I don't know you do it. I don't know my mother did it. And, I just hope I'm doing it okay.

Asking for help with your marriage is a good thing. It means you care enough to want it and are invested enough to put in the work to make it work better.

Granny said...

Catching up again.

Remember "L" from BB? Spent yesterday with her (and Roger too).

Great fun.

Hope by now your back is a little better and your life has settled somewhat.