Saturday, November 24, 2007


I hab a horrid code.

I also like that affected way of writing as if my fingers are somehow stuffed up too.

This morning we had our annual Homeschool Kids craft sale at my church - three of my kids had pottery first and we ended up being almost late to this particular event that I was supposed to be hosting.

It all worked out though.
I spent a hockey sock full of money on all sorts of handicrafts and treats made by every child who was participating.

Urgh. My head is all sinusy achey.

After the craft thingy we all got into the van and drove an hour and a half to go to a deep fried turkey dinner/ my husband's university classmate reunion thingy and that was okay.

Whew, my vocabulary is just dwindling away here as more of my brain cells clog up.

I'm not so good at some of the small talk/schmooze stuff sometimes and I do feel planets removed from most of the other people that were there, but my husband was very happy that we went and has said I don't have to go again any time soon.


I'm giving up on this post business for the moment.
Must go and see if I can remember all the things that I shoved in my mouth for W*eight*watchers now.
I doubt I will be able to do it.

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