Friday, November 16, 2007

I have my front teeth PT. 2

Ah, yes the dim, grey light of early morning and perhaps I will have the time to get this post in before any of the atheletes awaken and the manipulation olympics start again.

I think we were at the number four. (Isn't that the height of laziness? I'm not going to even do the two mouse clicks it would take to go and check. Tsk.)

4. In my view finder. I have taken up digital photography in the last few years and not only have I found it to be a great artistic outet and a marvelous way of documenting the life of my family but also a very efficient and convenient way of ridding my life of money that might otherwise clutter it up.
A)If it were forced upon me, as a gift, I would of course graciously accept the newest Canon 40d. I don't NEED it mind you, but it would be a thoughtful little something in my stocking. (Snort!).

B)Back to the realm of what my kids could actually afford is this lovely little gadget. The Manfrotto 484 mini ball head. I like just saying the name, over and over. It is simply just an easier to use thingy for tripod work.

C) Although I am not attending my documentary film class anymore (I think I have gotten everything out of it that I could and there were too many nights where the biggest question on my mind was "Is it too cold to fall asleep in here or not?"), I would still like to try my hand at the 5 minute one that I have in my head. Although at $3000.00, even if all 4 kids pool their money, I'm not expecting to see it under the tree.

Must go and buy milk for breakfast, veggies for the potluck snack for games day this afternoon and dog food.

Oh, and gird my loins for when my other three children awaken.

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