Monday, November 26, 2007


In my cold addled state of the last few days, I know I have not mentioned that we are in discussions with my friend N. to start providing respite care, on the order of three hours a week, for us!!!!!

Yes, yes, I have been, at least in my mind, doing the Snoopy dance of happiness.
All my kids know and like N., so it is a really good arrangement and it doesn't hurt a teeny tiny bit that she has experience.

I am looking forward to going out with my husband and oldest children a few time, being able to leave all the kids at home and know that my older children are not having to be the parent substitutes and...

I'm really looking forward to getting into my bedroom with my husband!!!!
I'm even going to provide pictures of that happening.

Calm down, this is not suddenly reverting from a family blog to a, um, naturis*t one.
I have been reading this book

and sitting in my bedroom when I do it.
Although our house isn't as bad as some he describes, it isn't great either and I would like to try sleeping on my bed without a small to middling heap of laundry on my feet.

So before and after pictures will be taken and posted (I think, if I am brave enough).

And finally on the domestic IT FIGURES front - this is the message that w8 watchers had for me this morning, after I entered my weekly weight:

WELL DONE! You've recorded a loss this week. That's great news!

However, we notice that you've lost more than an average of 2 pounds per week over three or more weeks. This rate is too rapid — it may be unsafe or unhealthy.

While we're proud of your achievements and pleased you're making changes in your life, we need you to concentrate on one more thing: You should slow the pace of your weight loss to no more than 2 pounds per week. Click here to read more about the effects of rapid weight loss.

Here are some tips on slowing down your weight loss this week:
  • Make sure you're not skimping on your meals. If you've been saving your weekly POINTS Allowance, try using some this week.

  • If you're exercising a lot, try to swap some (or all) of your bonus Activity POINTS values for food.

Allow me a moment of frustration here.

Last week I was told to eat less and this week I'm supposed to eat more.

Thank you.

I do get it though. And am glad that this company does warn about losing weight too fast, because they are right, it is not a good thing on a body.

I also know that because I am upping the intensity of my workouts that I am burning more calories - I think I might be starting to train for a 50k trail run in May, but I am not sure yet.

You know, 50k, just sounds so freaking insane.

Because, um, it is.


ipm said...

now I wouldn't say freakishly insane.

maybe just mildly wild?

congrats on the loss... :))) yeah, they need to tell you all that stuff so they can't get their pants sued off...

and yeah for the Riders! down here in the bay area we have the Raider Nation...

JenEx said...

Yeah, seriously, good for you. I'm just happy I managed to avoid gaining weight last week when I completely stopped counting points on Thursday and Friday due to Thanksgiving and apple pie and a visit to IHOP.

Am excited to see the results of your decluttering. We're trying and the laundry thing is one that we totally cannot get a handle on.