Monday, November 19, 2007

Keeping Track

Since the beginning of this month I have:

-(edited to add a confession) finally gotten off my butt and done something about the box of rolled coins that my Sunday school kids and I collected for Unicef for Halloween TWO YEARS ago - so to clear my lazy self's conscience, money has now been donated to them through their online site

-become resigned to that fact that our garage is going to cost close to $30,000.00 - not accepting of it mind you, just resigned

-discovered that my darling, precious 14 year old daughter has some kind of low grade depression

-decided to quit my job at my church (and for the most part the church itself) after being involved in it for the past nine years

-entered into counselling with my husband

-started weight watchers

-applied for funding from my province to help provide counselling etc. to my two youngest children

-realized, with great reluctance that both of my youngest children are showing signs of that most dread of conditions - puberty - just flashes mind you but terrifying none the less

- been confronted with the fact that my two oldest dogs really are slowing down and aging, a lot, I hate that

-lost five pounds

-become aware of how much of my life is NOT intentional

-really enjoyed my mealtimes with all my kids

-heard my oldest son talk about being able to figure out why his little sister is behaving in inappropriate ways while he is taking care of her and hear him deal with her with compassion and insight. My oldest son, the one dx'd with a social processing disorder when he was six.

-said "I am not going to dwell in the petty ugly stuff that is on the periphery of my life (like at church) because I live a life of everyday miracles within my own family" and for the most part - I MEANT it.


Yondalla said...

So that would be a slow month, yes?

Lionmom said...

Impressive litany!

ipm said...

that last one is one of the biggest, but that whole list that is HUGE! congrats on that five pound loss and take heart that you have identified your oldest daughter's depression NOW...

thinking of you...