Sunday, November 25, 2007

more head cold free association

The head cold situation is somewhat better, maybe because I am doing nothing more than lying on the couch in front of the fire and someone else made me a grilled cheese sandwich and brought it to me, along with copious amounts of Bengal Spice herbal tea (Thanks to my husband!).

Ah, the tea!
It is seriously good stuff.
If I let it steep for the rec. amount of time, it doesn't need sugar!
And I have such a sweet tooth, never really met any food that was too sweet for me.
Been drinking a lot of it now that I have been doing this watching of weight thing.
Speaking of...tomorrow is weigh in day.

To give it proper credit, my clothes are all getting quite baggy on me...

Ooooh and my husband and oldest daughter just arrived back from a foray out to obtain chinese bbq pork! Mmmmm nummy.
Bet that isn't in the points guide online and I think my pants are getting tighter again.

Can you all hear that?
The sound of the Canadian Football League's big playoff?
Why it is the Grey Cup!!!!!
Edited to Add: Why yes, if you can't tell by the screaming and celebrating noises that are rocking this hemisphere, the Riders Did WIN.
Now normally I don't care (and to be honest I don't give much of a fig right now either) but my husband can sing the Saskatchewan Rough Riders' fight song! He is a part of what is known of the Rider Nation.
You can take the boy out of Saskatchewan but you can't take the Saskatchewan out of the boy.
And there is the game, in 42inch colourful glory.

Uh-oh, I just went and checked it out, that bbq pork is one points expensive food choice.
About 2 ounces comes to 4 points.

I think we can all see that I have not achieved fully functional brain operation yet.
But I am posting and that is something!

Oh and I need to go and work on my "I'm quitting" letter for church.
Considering I want it to be gracious, succinct but not the kind of thing that will leave any bridges smouldering.

It is kind of sad that this is the only real path I can see setting my feet to.
At the same time, I feel lighter too.

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Granny said...

Down here we have something called the "Raider (Oakland) Nation" complete with pennants, coffee cups, bumper stickers, etc. I wonder who came up with it first.

Congratulations on sticking to WW even if they think you're a little too enthusiastic.

And good luck with the Grey Cup. My team ('49er's) have had an abysmal year but somehow managed to win in overtime on Sunday. 3-8 on the year. Wahoo!!