Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How to Win Stump The Mom Game?

Easy, ask the kid for the answer.

It took a while till I was able to trust myself to talk to my youngest child about her getting up and partying in the middle of the night in her brother's room - but when I did it was very worth it.

She said:
"during the day I am focused and busy and I can not think about my birth family and sad/bad things, at night I don't have any distractions and I can't not think about it and I do whatever I can to make that go away"

So now we are trying to set aside a chunk of daytime for her to do things that are all about her birth family. Yesterday before supper, she got out markers and paper and drew pictures of her sad cat who missed her, her old house that was upset because it missed her family and an upside down little girl - because that is how she feels right now.


Last night, she did managed to stay in her own room.

Yeah, yeah, I know that there will be more stuff coming down the pike, but I am going to savour this moment for a little while.


What a kid.


Yondalla said...

That noise in the background is hundreds of readers slapping their foreheads and saying, "Why didn't I think of that!"

She is amazing.

I wonder if having something to do in the middle of the night would help? My favorite is to listen to an audiobook, preferably one that I have listened to before so that I don't get anxious wondering what is going to happen next.

M&Co. said...

Wow! I'm impressed that she could articulate that and that you could actually elicit that response from her. And you idea is good but I'd get her an Ipod or CD player with soothing music to see if that can distract her enough to go back to sleep.

hw said...

Wow! How great was that that she could articulate what she was feeling and can draw to work through some of those emotions.

Granny said...

Yep, what a kid!! Wonderful that she could explain it.

I know I've had many nights like that and for the same reason. During the day, I'm too busy to think.

When you see a comment from me at 3 a.m., that's usually why.