Saturday, November 17, 2007

What do you want for winter festivies

so I am finding this Weight Wat*cher's thing hard right now.
In a given day, I get like, um, 25 points to eat my way through, yesterday, I ate like, 47.

And I did not feel particularly over full, you know, like when you eat just way too much - okay so, I didn't feel great but still...

What is up with that?

Okay, it might be hormonal.
Or maybe it is just that I wanted to eat hotdogs and cheese and some cookies and some potato chips ....


So distract me, what do you want for the winter festivities?
what are good, possibly inexpensive, gift ideas that I might encourage my kids to possibly get for me?

Oh I hope this counts as some kind of actual post thing because it is this or some going on about my kids or church - so I'm quitting my job there at the end of this month but shhhh, it is kind of a secret.

Edited to add:
I also want and suggest as gifts for other people (bearing in mind that I have some of these things already and therefore know I like it) the following:
comic strip books - Funky Winkerbean, Stone Soup, Crankshaft, For Better Or For Worse, Dilbert, Bizzaro, Fox Trot, Baby Blues, Zits and Pearls Before Swine
other books - The Story of Art by E.H. Gombrich
almost anything by Miss Manners - unstuffy etiquette that the world needs now.
The War on Women: Elly Armour, Jane Hursham, and Criminal Domestic Violence in Canadian Homes by Brian Vallee, heard this guy interviewed on the radio today and he is really interesting, his book sounds very good.
drugstore type stuff - Burt's Bees lip shimmer minty, tingly, pretty and inexpensive.
Dr. Bronner's and Sundog's Magic organic lip balm and body balm/tattoo polish particularly in Naked - I can honestly recommend this stuff as good for even the most sensitive skin and it works well too.
Moose Smooch - some of the best lip and body balm - unfortunately hard for me to find in Canada but worth buying a lot of it when I do find it.
clothing - running socks - wait, wait, read on. Even if you are not crazy enough to run around for no other reason than to run, running socks can be a great gift for anyone who is prone to athelete's foot or blisters. They are designed to prevent those things and they work well. So good for many. Same goes for hiking socks, the cushiony, technical fabric ones? Great for anyone who is on their feet for a long time.


ipm said...

I'm asking for one of my fave books that I can't seem to find, a box of chocs (but that might not be helpful) and do they have Michael's craft stores there? I'm hoping to get a gift card to buy more DMC floss...

give the WW some time... I lost 50 kg on it ten years ago...

Leanne said...

Hmm, I just had to fill in a survey on "what artists want for Christmas" and it listed electronic gadgets like ipods, books, dvds, computer stuff... and I was like hey! I want SOCKS. so I get you. Good socks that are comfortable and cushion. yeah. And I don't even run. I have no time to read books and watch dvds. I'd like someone to paint the stairway for the tenants. Gift certificates for walking my dog when I or my toddler are sick or tired. A new cotton sweatshirt hoodie. Some recycled computer paper, or even a bunch of computer printer ink cartridges (always running out). Some homecooked frozen meals that *I* didn't cook (ie something that tastes different from what I make... a surprise). A new toothbrush. A new pair of "ducky boots" for walking the dog. Some stamps for snail mail. Really wild and crazy consumer items eh! LOL! OK, I'd like the new Anne Murray duet album. Is that real tacky? And yeah, I heard that guy on the radio too re the War on Women. It is the second man I heard on the CBC this week who wrote a book and is being listened to seriously... on feminist issues. Fascinating if you say the same thing as a woman, it is a horrible feminist militing re "women's issues" and suddenly now these are getting serious attention on national radio when written about by men. I feel like i am in an early 1980's timewarp. Except again it is men taken seriously even when the discourse is the same. !! Sounds like a good book. For winter festivities? I just want snow. Real snow. Pre global warming snow. Feet of it. And time. And quiet. :D

Leanne said...

ps, yes that is me, the cluttered one, but I got fed up not being able to leave comments here so I signed in with my china adopt google account. sigh!

Susan said...

This blog is so cool, lots of gift giving ideas!

JenEx said...

Wait, you get 25 points? I only get 22, you beeyotch!

I am clueless about Christmas and completely in denial, so no help there.