Thursday, November 22, 2007

and now...I'm hungry

Having visited a lot of the American blogs on my daily reading list and of course being subjected to lists and lists of foods and drinks that are being prepared and consumed, I am literally drooling.

And because I am NOT eating dinner so I can spend my Weight*Watchers points at a fundraising cocktail party I am going to tonight...I am really aware of the fact that I am not eating anything anytime soon.

A quick scene from my dysfunctional family life as of this morning:
I yelled at both my daughters (in the parking lot at the grocery store) that I loved them both and nothing was going to change that, so they might as well stop competing with each other and learn to live with it.
Further I pointed out that both of them spend so much time keeping score about who I am giving attention to and spending time with that they don't even enjoy it when they are on the recieving end of that which they seem to crave so much.
(The yelling wasn't the really loud other-people-are-staring-at-us kind, more it was the vehement sotto voce kind)

Yes they will be warped.
No, I probably shouldn't be allowed to parent but that's what I'm doing anyway.

Oddly, they have been nicer to each other for the rest of the day.

Which, they probably shouldn't do, because, um, it just reinforces my bad behaviour.
They should know better, tsk.

Now, I must go and cut hair of youngest son, then slip into a bath and emerge BEYOOTIFULL
enough to wear the little black cocktail dress and choose between my black heels or my gold ones.

Ooooh, I just had a weird moment of trying to figure out if I am really me and writing about going out with my husband to a grownup thing...shiver....

So, Happy Thanksgiving American peoples and

I'm still hungry.


Yondalla said...

Well, I won't tell you how yummy it all was, but I will remind of the time (which I blogged) in which I yelled at all my children that if any of the said ONE MORE WORD I would cover their mouths with DUCT TAPE.

That one was loud enough for people to hear, and no one called protective services.

Leanne said...

Having read the previous post first, I know you actually ended up having dinner.. how delightful, and you wore the gold heels. !! I dunno, I didn't see anything wrong with what you yelled in your de sotto voice... am I a REALLY bad parent? It sounds like it made them think a little, and that is not a bad thing. My gosh you have your hands full (she says with only one small child at home and thusly so many fewer dynamics!)

... and yes I am finally posting comments as myself instead of my blog name: I am so frustrated to read and not be able to say anything!