Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have two front 1.

In the next few days, I'm supposed to have a list available to my children, of what I want for Christmas.

So here it is and it counts fully as a blog post and I had to work hard at it to insert all of the pictures and links.
Yes, it is too likely the most self serving thing you have ever seen - but it was also a good distraction for a little while, which I did need but does add to the self serving aspect of it all.

l) If it is good enough for Picasso, it is good enough for me. The daily one and in red. It is a limited edition after all. Moleskine

2) Blue plate special. I've got a thing for colour. My grandmother made me pancakes as big as these plates and then piled the bacon on too! Can't get it in Canada either that I know of. Oh, and make it the new stuff please because then my kids can actually eat off of it without me freaking out. Fiesta.

3)Sticks and stones won't do me no good, but sticks and string will!
Exhibit A:
One of the coolest books about anything, even if you never have knit and never will.

Exhibit B:Made from a musk ox! Supposed to be nicer than cashmere. And I love me some cashmere. Qiviuq yarn.

Exhibit C: These might be more ephemeral than useful. Glass knitting needles . Pretty though, think of them sitting in a glass vase in a sunny window. I like the WOW factor but I would be just as happy with the shiny coloured aluminium kind too. Cheap and cheerful and sturdy too. I always look for them when I am in a thrift store.

Tomorrow the list may grow....


Katherine said...

Those knitting needles are really cool. I don't knit, but I still like them.

Yondalla said...

I got this knitting needle set before it was so incredibly expensive, and it is cool. I've had it for over 20 years and haven't had to buy another knitting needle since.

There are less expensive similiar sets available.;_ylc=X1MDMjAyMjI3NjA5OQRfcgMyBGJ0A3Byb2QtY2xpY2sEZHN0aQNib3luZWVka25pdG4EaW5BcnJheQMEc2kDbmFrZWRzaGVlcARzcmNpA2RlbmlubmVlZHNldAR2X21uA3JQcm9kQWZmBHZfb3JkAzEEdl9yaWQDNl9tdWRfNDM0NjM4OTUyBHZfc24Dc3RvcmVzLnByb2R1Y3RyZWNvcw--

(If the copied link doesn't work it is teh Boye Needlemaster Knitting Needle Set.)

I would love the glass needles too, if I had someplace I could be sure the d*mn shih tzu would not find them!